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This might be my favorite screenshot yet


enjoy kason as an octoling bc splatoon’s art style is hella aesthetic

kzasenc octoling spatoon splatoon

Sorry for not posting anything recently! I’ve been trying to get the hang of running an art blog (plus motivation’s been a jerk to me lately…). On the bright side, I’ve decided to make this my personal art blog, so expect a lot more drawings! (That is, if school doesn’t get in the way and stuff. I’m going back tomorrow! D:)

judd Splatoon lil judd my art spatoon
Reserve Splatoon at Toys “R” Us, get an amiibo for $5- If you were looking...

Reserve Splatoon at Toys “R” Us, get an amiibo for $5- If you were looking to get yourself a copy Splatoon and have yet to preorder the game then I think I have a good deal for you. Toys "R" Us is currently offering a special deal, if you choose to preorder/reserve the game through the store for a minimum price of $1 (though I imagine it would be... at GameLus...

Amiibo Spatoon

Probably an old joke, but I seriously used to love de blob.

Splatoon 2 de blob my art spatoon splatoon fan art


capn cuttlefish craig cuttlefish cuttletavio dj octavio spatoon splatoon 2