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Happy birthday to ♫ Anita Baker (1958)♪ Thom Bell (1943)♫ Kirk Franklin (1970)♪ Deon Jackson (1946)♫ France Joli (1963)♪ Jean Knight (1943)

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a #real 

queen does not
#need to wear #crown

And you know

#Youre a queen because your #soul have...

*a* #real *queen does not* #need *to wear* #crown *And you know* #Youre *a queen because your* #soul *have* #royalty 👑 👑♥️♥️♥️ *I* #wish *every day you will get more and more* #happiness *more* #adventurous 🖤 ♥️ 🖤 *life entertainment trips* ♥️🖤 *trips every day* *lol i am idiot* *i am being so* #sweet *now lol* #jk 😂😂😜 *but even when i...

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“The devolving and evolving forces of nature are found reciprocally equilibrated in the center of any planetary stability. Surges of Essences initiate their evolution in the mineral kingdom, then proceed with the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, until finally reaching the level of the intellective humanoid. Thereafter, the devolutionary surges of life descend, according to the law of fall...

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