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Sora’s last name hasn’t been revealed yet whatsoever but we all know it’s Ikari.

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i made up this entire story that i wanted to write in fanfic form but i don’t have those capabilities so i’m stuck constantly thinking about how awesome it would’ve been if i could’ve. anyway so here’s a no context scenario from that bonus:

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I like the way Axel’s heart clearly skips a beat when he believes that Sora remembers him (through Roxas’ memories)… but then Sora starts yapping about Kairi. I like to read this manga and suffer

axel best friend :'''') kingdom hearts manga kingom hearts look at his face he's astonished omg roxas is that you? roxas sora yo

can i take a moment to say how much i love these

and the others lol kingdom hearts sora

Woo boy, Sora busts I did forever ago for the Zine~

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