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Don’t mind me, just trying out filters and the such on some Sokai doodles

destiny princess kairi my art my son sky's doodles sokai sora

Photos from the Montreal Otakuthon Doll Panels 2011! I just dug these up out of my phone and thought they’d be interesting to share :) Left to Right; A BJD FAQ panel with guest speaker, showing different sized BJD’s!, Sora, (my Delf Woosoo) cosplaying as… KH Sora for the con! Lol, no surprise there!

ball jointed doll ball-jointed-doll bjds cosplay delf doll con dollfest dollfie dolls kingdom hearts luts montreal otakuthon sd13 sora woosoo

Just a little practice to make my style a bit more realistic

cheshire daisy kellie my ocs overwatch overwatch ocs sora