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Bill Hader SNL Bumpers from Season 40 Episode 3

bill hader season 40 snl snl bumper

Sarah Silverman SNL bumpers from Season 40 Episode 2

sarah silverman season 40 snl snl bumper

My hobbies include making crappy, fake SNL bumpers.

alice richmond penelope richmond snl bumper tina fey

“We’re going to step into the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise. I feel like there’s a real sexual chemistry we have yet to explore.”- Tina Fey on working again with Amy Poehler

amy poehler edit: mine [2] i'm in love with this photo snl bumper tina fey tinamy

Kristen Wiig | 11.19.16 | S42E7

kristen wiig snl snl bumper snl42

Chris Pratt SNL Bumpers from the Season 40 Premiere Courtesy of the SNL Facebook page

chris pratt season 40 snl snl bumper

First SNL bumper of the season! Courtesy of the SNL Instagram.

margot robbie nbcsnl season 42 snl snl bumper