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Salomon Skiathlon Черный/белый Цена: 9 200 руб. Цвет: Черный/белый Артикул: 2004 Задайте вопрос менеджеру или сделайте заказ —

Wind speed 8.0 m/s. Sea temp: MM °C, air temp: MM °C. #skiathlon

Skiathlon a great name name skiathlon

This guy announcing skiathlon is very excited

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Salomon Skiathlon Prolink Цена: 7 500 руб. Артикул: 1973 Задайте вопрос менеджеру или сделайте заказ —

The cross country ski events aren’t the most interesting to watch but I like listening to the commentary because I learn a little bit about the competitors and the sport and that’s cool because when the hell else to I ever get to learn anything about cross country skiing!!

cross country skiing olympics skiathlon

I’m catching up on the Olympics tonight with Cross Country and I just watched the Men’s Skiathlon and DAMN SON Krueger fell in the first 10 seconds and BLOWS AWAY the field in the end. And Norway swept! HEIA NORGE!!

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Kalla finally won with Bjørgen

pyeongchang2018 skiathlon

i love how after the skiathlon all of the guys just fall on the ground nope not getting up bring me the gold medal and i’ll just accept it here

olympics olympics 2014 skiathlon

I can finally watch today’s race. Yay

Falun Men Skiathlon Xcski

Salomon Skiathlon Junior Цена: 4 900 руб. Система крепления – SNS. Детские ботинки до 37 российского размера. Артикул: 1971 Задайте вопрос менеджеру или сделайте заказ —

Skiathlon Announcer is More Excited than You

Skiathlon Announcer is More Excited than You

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2018/02/10 Cross-Country Skiing Ladies’ 7.5km + 7.5km Skiathlon 🎿 GOLD: Charlotte Kalla from Sweden #PyeongChang2018 #Olympics Congratulations! 축하합니다! Grattis!

charlotte kalla cross country skiing m: ws mygif pyeongchang2018 skiathlon team sweden winter olympics

The freakin’ skiathlon ladies must have legs like rocks. holy cow, my thighs burning watching them.

skiathlon sochi 2014 sochi olympics winter olympics wtf.