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Oh yeah here, some Older!Hiro Hamada sketches. I am so close to drawing him bald his hair is just - I am so done. -walks away-

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The Loud House: Future Love Run Amok! by TotCall720 Its been long overdue. This is definitely one of my favourite Loud House story. I really admire the author as he has written not only a story filled with character development, mature themes and suspense but also a story that focus on a blossoming romance, a forbidden relationship, conflict and drama between some of my beloved characters as ...

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kill la kill opening sequence by Yoh Yoshinari PART 1

booklet kill la kill making of opening sketches trigger yoh yoshinari 吉成 曜

Like a beautiful butterfly. Gesture studies based on martial artist Jade Xu. I hope someday to be able to perform a butterfly kick (butterfly jump?)! Considering I only learned how to do a cartwheel a year ago as a grown woman, I may be on the slow track, but whatever. Lifelong learning, am I right?

butterfly kick gesture drawing sketches studies wushu

That bunny girl who is named after a plant #art, #sketches

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