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Happy birthday @izmemomo !!!! sorry for bein late i had problems but heckie ily fam and i hope ur doin okay also postin my other art cause idk, new ref for Vendetta and Jerome im makin an animation

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I was reading a “Taekook” fanfic about merman Tae & human Jungkook and then this happened 🐠💕🌊 ps: actually it’s kookv! another ps: Taetae’s nips are star shaped! another ps: please ignore my notes

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Every year a night before my birthday, i usualy draw myself with my birthday outfit and a character i like, here is this year and last year draw Man, 21 years old in a couple of hours, it feels…weird Anyways, hope you like it~♡

21 birthday birthday birthday outfit draw my art outfit sketchbook squid sisters

Some goache and glitter from the sketchbook

bridge eafs goache goache paint green nature sketchbook