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So the Loth Wolf saga begins. B) Some stuff I could gather of this species anatomy while looking at screencaps and gifs I saved this morning while/after watching the Episode 6: ●They’re really more based of wolves; not snow dog breeds, nor maned wolves as I’ve seen in some theories in the past, though let’s agree this could be a mix, a huge canine. But Dave has something with wolves s...

and kinda maned wolf obsessed if no one noticed art canine iceisland art jc draws again loth wolf rofl sketch sketch of the day star wars rebels star wars species swr swr loth wolf swr season 4 traditional art wolf yes i'm a nerd

did some warm up sketches and hashed out some ideas for Werner and Dr Khal. Werner is based on @frizz-art ‘s depiction and I just ran with it for the most part. Dr.Khal I just made a bit more realistic based on his canon design. Dr Khal is pretty dang evil and is making giant killer robots in Weimar Germany.

concept art cuphead cuphead gijinka cuphead in don't deal with the devil doggo sketches dr khal dr khal's robot frizz-art gijinka sketch sketch of the day sketches tw gun tw guns tw weapons werner werman