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WLHQ: Buzzfeed Quizzes

WLHQ: Buzzfeed Quizzes

After the AI incident, the White Lightning Agents are now operating in secret to investigate things that are weird on the internet. Starring Jefferey and Kyle With Andie Garcia as Buzzfeed Employee "Living Forever" by JP De Ovando: Help support us on Patreon! ...

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Morning sketch: #FairyTail ✨ Such a good series, I’m sad for it to end. It was partly because of this show that I even started posting art online which has led to so many wonderful opportunities! Will always be close to my heart~

amy art amysunhee anime art drawing fairytail fan art lucy heartfillia manga natsu natsu and lucy natsu dragneel natsu x lucy sketch

Yang Xiao Long from #RWBY sketch 💛 Anyone here keeping up with the latest season? 😄

amy art amysunhee fan art rwby sketch yang yang xiao long
Emails From A Fan |  Lee Blacksmith Comedy

Emails From A Fan | Lee Blacksmith Comedy

Lee Blacksmith Comedy check it out! #lee blacksmith #comedy #sketch comedy #sketch

comedy lee sketch

Silly … Stickers? Doodles?  You can buy this and other designs as stickers and more here!

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Morning sketch of Yato from #Noragami 🖋 He won in my Insta-story poll by a considerable margin!

amy art amysunhee anime fan art manga noragami sketch yato yatogami

Sketch commission of Moonshot by the talented @dawnf1re at BronyCon 2016. Thank you Kate for the adorable bat! :3

baseball bat pony bronycon commission dawnfire moonshot sketch