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I know this is what you guys needed… more fresh Eilenna drawings! (Also yes, I’m guessing Anna is kinda smaller than Irene by the character chart -using Erza vs Lucy’s heights-) Lovely Anna comforting Irene… that’s all I need. (And Wendy and Erza shocked in the background)

anna heartfilia doodle eileen belserion eilenna erza scarlet fairy tail fairy tail femslash femslash ft ft art ftartistnet irene belserion irene x anna irenna my art sketch this took so long omg traditional traditional art wendy marvell

@colodraws ‘ characters from Rising Dogs / Dog Army / somethng I have no idea what their names are

army dog colodraws inktober risingdogs sketch

I was watching Object Mayhem and sketching during art class today (cause I finished my assignment early) and I sketched out this really nice looking Super Notebook!

bfdi cartoon fanart cartoons character design fanart inanimate insanity my art object mayhem object mayhem notebook object shows om om notebook sketch

A quick sketch inspired by @reject-false-iconz‘s fic, based on @xxkaibutsukoxx‘s AU I needed some yandere fish for the soul gjjfjvksgjcjcjf Click for better quality

2d 2doc fanart gorillaz gorillaz 2d gorillaz au gorillaz fanart igital drawing my art siren 2d siren au sketch staurt yandere

Ink bleeding through my sketchbook? Who gives a rat'ss ass am i right ladies

black goo colored pencils hoodie markers sketch sketchbook traditional art

Sparkly~ adricarra-art‘s sooo cute X333!

adri adricarra darklephise doodle my art my style sketch