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*anxiously doodles Brownie to distract from real life*

alex kingston brownie fanart sketch sweet land

“Dwarven players are extremely passionate about their racial selection” *preenpreen* Why yes thank you for noticing. B] A bunch of Wardenwips that I will never finish because they are all traaaashhhh but I feel like I need to post something.

alistair art brosca dragon age sibil brosca sketch wips

A first time sketch of the awesome @toxicsketches The hair is easier to draw than it looks! :3

cartooniste2z sketch tm toon michaela toxicsoul77
WLHQ: Buzzfeed Quizzes

WLHQ: Buzzfeed Quizzes

After the AI incident, the White Lightning Agents are now operating in secret to investigate things that are weird on the internet. Starring Jefferey and Kyle With Andie Garcia as Buzzfeed Employee "Living Forever" by JP De Ovando: Help support us on Patreon! ...

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Day 3: RNJR Team Member- Lie Ren Oh my Gosh. Ren is one of my favorites. It was a tie between drawing Penny or Ren on day 1, but I figured I could draw Ren on other days so Penny was first. Ren in season 4 was… just… so much. My lovely child. So I drew angry Ren. And I just saw that I get draw him on day 22. Oh well, I get to draw my boy twice now ❤

angry anime beat up digital art drawing jaune arc lie ren my art nora valkyrie rnjr ruby rose rwby art challenge sketch team rnjr

I am not such an undertale nerd, but I live with one…. @zarla-s

art handplates sketch toby fox undertale undertale handplates wallpaper zarla-s
Emails From A Fan |  Lee Blacksmith Comedy

Emails From A Fan | Lee Blacksmith Comedy

Lee Blacksmith Comedy check it out! #lee blacksmith #comedy #sketch comedy #sketch

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