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El Rito Apasionado, 2007 Artist: Rico Miranda Zuniga Description: single-channel video, 24:34 Exhibition: Ecologías Correlativas

319 scholes ecologias correlativas el rito apasionado projection rico miranda zuniga single channel video video

Zach Nader. still from “ Cascade.” 2017. single channel HD video

brooklyn artist contemporary art hd video portrait single channel video video art video artist

[REVERSE-MANIFEST DESTINY, single-channel video, DITCH, 2013] works of cohort in-frame: Perry Doanne Lief Anderson Mami Takahashi

2013 art counter narrative ditch mm process reverse-manifest destiny single channel video studio

Whispering Pines, 2010 Artist: Shana Moulton Description: single-channel video Exhibition: Big Reality

319 scholes big reality performance shana moulton single channel video video whispering pines

Heraclitean Circle K Single channel HD video, color, sound, 1’54” 2013 – Taken from Heraclitus’ own name, the video work also takes the spirit of Heraclitus’ famous saying, “No man ever steps in the same river twice”. The video tells the story of sudden change to a street corner that I pass everyday when I am on way home in a neighborhood district close to the centre of Ho Ch...

circle k heraclitus phở single channel video video art

JANET BIGGS Brightness All Around (still) 2011, single-channel high definition video, 8 minutes, 36 seconds, edition: 5

art brightness brightness all around cave conner conner contemporary art contemporary art janet biggs single channel video video video still