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My robe can’t take hits, Bloody was ready to kill that polar bear with a crate before I kicked it, and Kirk’s kick does WAY more damage than it rightfully should and he finished that guy off with it.

bloodyxiii siglinde vindictus vindictus derps

Hello summer! Let’s introduce our new project: #twomakesfour, a collaboration between two people, @siglindebossuwe and @stormscreative, making four postcards that combine lettering and illustration. Our first project? The four seasons! We’re starting of this project with our hand-drawn and silkscreened postcard for summer. Stay tuned for autumn! Now for sale!

siglinde stormscreative twomakesfour

In which there is a lot of angry kicking

Vindictus bloodyxiii siglinde vindictus derps

Twomakesfour is a collaboration between @stormscreative and @siglindebossuwe, let us introduce to you: Stormscreative is a graphic designer in love with letters and typography. She started her freelance career one year ago to do what she loves most: creating and lettering. Siglinde is an illustrator who loves fauna & flora. With her suggestive drawings she loves to make the viewer conscious o...

siglinde stromscreative twomakesfour