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*CREATE FANCY LOWER THIRDS ON THE FLY.* Do you want those slick TV News style graphics for your LowerThirds, but don't have Photoshop or any graphic skills to speak of? Worry not! + Bertrand Do has created a *free* site that allows you to jazz up your LowerThirds in sec. Check it out here: *BOOKMARK THE SITE FOR THE UPCOMING UPDATES:* This week we'll be adding 3 oth...

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Finally finished Drawing the sidebar

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Small Town Moon 2.0 | by

Small Town Moon 2.0 | by

THEME #2:Small Town Moon 2.0 preview / code IMPORTANT: like or reblog if using Sidebar must be 400x600 px Now with description! 3 optionable links 2 different effects for links 2 different Title Fonts 3 different description fonts Scrollbar Updates tab, easy to customize Two different effects for link hover! Customizable updates icon (must be 50x50) much much more! please do not remove credit,...

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went to see beauty and the beast yesterday

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Fic Rec Theme

Fic Rec Theme

Fic-rec theme for all of you that love to read about your otp :D Code | Static Preview Inspiration [x] Features: sidebar picture /best if it’s a transparent img as shown above/ 3 rows and columns (rows are expandable by copy and paste) Customization help (for complete noobs lol, so only needed if you’re totally lost) Tags: These should be used in the html - between the

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lookin like a straight up gaylord

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I deleted this on accident…anyways This is my second Tumblr theme. Check It Out Hereyou can Download It Here It comes with one column one sidebar one sidebar photo Three sidebar links custom colors background photo option If you are using it please reblog or like this

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I decided to create my website based off of a research paper I had written for ENC 2135 because the ...

I decided to create my website based off of a research paper I had written for ENC 2135 because the topic really intrigued me and I thought it would be really neat to see it turned into a website. The topic is about advertising to Millennials and how advertisers have had to switch the way they advertise to target the younger generation. Researchers have found that Millennials have a lot more pu...

The Anticipation DeviantArt Link

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