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Crimson Rose by Dana Boulos “I am young, I am beautiful, but I will fuck you over just like anybody else”

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I’ve been using the Sony F65 on a short film called Taste of Heaven for the past week. It was so much fun using this camera in such confined places that this film provided. And it was a privilege being the one behind the eye piece on this bad boy.

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*Dead Hearts* Let me say this, right off the bat: if you love the off-kilter stylistic direction of Wes Anderson or all the greatness of Tim Burton films, you'll like this short film. It is brilliant all the way through. Hang in there, it's worth watching to the end! It is cool, and absolutely channels those directors, and adds it's own ingredients to the "secret sauce" of a successful film. ...


Bruno Bozzetto’s classic 1965 short, West and Soda.

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I'm very excited to have been asked to write the film score / soundtrack music to Screenwriter / Producer...

I'm very excited to have been asked to write the film score / soundtrack music to Screenwriter / Producer Marcielle Brandler's upcoming Science Fiction Thriller "Abe’s Question." The film will be directed by Terrence Butcher and will offer up a plethora of surprise twists and unexpected turns along the way, presenting me with a vast cornucopia of opportunities to compose a wide spectrum of d...

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