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Hope you have a happy New Years and Christmas here’s a Ticci Toby , drawn by Natalie Slover

creepypasta shading sketcg slender man slender proxy slenderman ticci toby toby rodgers

*cRACKS knuckles* If no one will make fanart, then you have forced my hand. My horrible, shaky, confused hand.

brown hair chakuro children of the whales cotw digital art expression green eyes light myart shading

Decided to attempt a tutorial! This is pretty quick and sketchy, but I hope it get’s the point across! btw if your confused about the last step. it means to duplicate the eye layer, blur the duplicated layer, and set that layers blending mode to Screen.

advanced anime anime tutorial art tutorial begginer coloring colouring easy eye tutorial glow how to lighting lineart magic moe render shading simple tips tricks tutorial

This isn’t Steven universe but I’m in love with this new show OK K.O, Darrel is a beautiful creature

boxman brain darrel digital evil i love darrel k.o lakewood plaza turbo lord boxman ok k.o ok k.o.! let's be heroes ok ko lakewood plaza turbo shading thanks dad villan