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@dorki-dorki-universe @dorki-ask-blog Tagging both cause why not This was a very fun art collab and my first hope you like the coloring

artcollab background colors cute dorki shading thiswasfun

@subatlove asked me for a quick tutorial about shading and how you know where to shade. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions, or if there’s another tutorial you guys would like to see from me. :D

art tutorial full colour my art shading shading tutorial

Blaziken and Riolu sitting, request from @that-one-hybrid! I actually found this request interesting, so I decided to lineart + color/shading it! Hope you enjoy!

afternoon blaziken coloring druwcapa fanart my art pokemon pokemon blaziken pokemon riolu request riolu shading

PLEASE HELP ME EARN MONEY!!! Hello everyone! I’m in the need of some money to help my family sustain and hopefully save to move out of this country and go live in a better place! So I oppened commissions! It is pretty self explanatory, but if you want to ask me anything, don’t be affraid to do so!!

art art commission art commissions cell cell shading cellshading colors commissions commissions open doodles fanart flat flat color flat colors furry furry art furry commissions humans illustration illustration commissions my art painted painting regulus art regulus commissions regulus draws rendering shading sketches synthwave

We’re just drawing tigers and drinking tea out of a tigger mug. You know you’re jelly bruh.

art artists on tumblr drawing endangered species karate pencil queensoftea shading tea tiger tigger twolittleteapots