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Jemdet Nasr-period cylinder seal impression with serpopards (serpent-necked lions) and lion-headed birds. Now at the Louvre.

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SERPOPARD Félins aux longs cous de serpent, ils viennent d'Egypte Ancienne et de Mésopotamie. Il n'y a pas vraiment de mythes autours d'eux mais ils décoraient certains objets, souvent représentés avec leurs cous entrelacés.

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The serpopard is a creature found in Ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian art. As the name suggests, it is a cross between a serpent and a leopard. In Ancient Egyptian art, the serpopard is thought to represent the chaos beyond Egypt’s borders, as well as being associated with protection and royalty. In Mesopotamia, where they are often seen in pairs with intertwined necks, they are viewed as a...

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A weird farm where a boi grew up!

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Blame @facetiousfanboy and the others in my stream for this. (yes, I know that is not a ‘knight’ look, but then if he dressed as a knight, it wouldn’t be very ‘amonkhet’ of him, would it? : p )

mini mtg fan art serpopard silly sketch

Serpopard A magical creature found in Egypt and the Near East, these creatures are a curious blend of feline and serpent, with long necks, scaled backs and furred faces and bodies. Believed by some to have inspired the original Homunculus Questing Beast, due to certain similarities in form, they have been well-hidden by Egyptian and Near Eastern wixes for hundreds of years before the Statute o...

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“The Serpent” Sketches I’ve made today of Nimmeth being seduced by @lorien_feantur ’s character Bagheera as a serpopard. His aphrodisiac venom will but turn her blind but heightens her other senses…

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another patreon pic, @sinfulpaws turning into a serpopard :

anthro anthro wolf commissions furry serpopard transformation

Woohoo!! \o/ #serpopard Falkor made it to cali! And a knitter liked my work. I’m going to go be a happy mess now. #crochet #needlefelt #commission

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‘’Dance of Saṃsāra’’ The beauty must succumb to the two headed snake. As the pale white bloom to rot; As the spark of youth to age. Wisdom the gift to those who live. Together they become. The venom the seed. The womb the dream. ~Anastasia Korochanskaya Finally finished this piece, it has been one of the most inspiring pieces for me to creatue and a new way to expres...

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Man, these invocations are getting ridiculous now…

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Serpopard, a mythical creature from Egyptian lore. My first serious painting- lots of mistakes but otherwise I’m proud of this!

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