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Young Sergio Sendel, mexican actor and Chris Hemsworth Firat Celik, Turkish actor and Tom Hiddleston

chris hemsworth doppelganger firat celik sergio sendel tom hiddleston

¡Este gallo de pelea nunca tiene competencia porque aplasta a todos en su camino!

bankivoide huevo cartoon sergio sendel un gallo con muchos huevos

you know the novela is about to be good af when either Sabine Moussier or Sergio Sendel is the villian in it

novela novelas p sabine moussier sergio sendel telenovela

michelle and i just spent 20 minutes trying to figure out this dude’s name. i go “there’s this dude who always plays the villian.” she goes “i think i know who you’re talking about.” i go “and he’s kinda old but kinda weirdly attractive.” she goes “…yeah. do you know his name?” and i go “no, but i think he’s got a mustache.” she goes “OH MY GOD I KNOW WHO YOU’...

sergio sendel

Sergio Sendel | Lo Que La Vida Me Robo | 2013

lo que la vida me robo sergio sendel