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The truth is that creative activity is one that involves the entire self - our emotions, our levels of energy, our characters, and our minds. I wish you an empowered and creative day … Our Journey to Balance

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This very colorful photo is a hypothetical schedule I made in Google Calendar. It shows what my life as a student might be like if I roughly followed Cal Newport’s advice outlined in “How to Win at College.” I blogged about reading it here. A few notes: I scheduled the classes quite arbitrarily following my experience at UCLA, so your school’s schedules might look radica...

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Do not struggle against your vulnerabilities or try to repress them, but put them into play. Learn to transform them into power. I wish you an empowered day … Our Journey to Balance

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They’re back! Our favourite planty lil pin is finally back in stock! We love these pins because we here at SGC think it’s so important to remind ourselves that we’re all works in progress - every one of us is still learning, changing and growing

sad ghost club self improvement still growing

Hirere Character ref (New) so almost a year (or so) later since I created Hirere and I felt he desperately needed a new character ref because 1. My style has changed a little 2. My art has improved a LOT 3. His original ref looked…. well like this The new ref isn’t perfect but it’s still a vast improvement on the original drawing

art character ref digital art he still has big hands but that's intentional hirere his eyes aren't quite right but i'm not redoing it after hours of work i still haven't shown you guys the runes on the inside of the rings i swear this is a hybrid of adult and baby him that's not a teenager keroro gunso keroro gunsou like his baby face is just face swapped with his adult face original chracter orikero redesign rue's art self improvement sgt frog ugh maybe i do need to fix that..... ugh too tired