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Not A Feel / Questions

Not A Feel / Questions

- It might just be me b/c I never feel like enough. Like ever. I’m just wildly mediocre. Like im not tall enough, I’m not pretty enough, I’m not funny enough, I’m not smart enough, etc. So since I’ve been doing research into autism it feels like it fits really well and I have a lot of symptoms but just like not enough? Or like I dont experience the symptoms enough or they dont affect ...

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🌵 [A consistent pain in the ass….] 🌵

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Not A Feel / Questions

Not A Feel / Questions

- iiaat to not be able to tell differences or similarities between faces? also, iiaat to not be able to really tell the differences between people’s personalities in books? -👬🏴‍☠️ That’s faceblindness which is an autism thing, related to sensory processing issues. - iiaat to be unable to keep your hands/fingers still when holding something? like, when i hold a laser pointer f...

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Artists are delicate little beings ok? Some of us can be full of self doubt

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Inktober 14-16 and 19 Most if not all of this is vent art. This week was really rough on me in almost every shape and form, from bad Premenstrual syndrome, a fuckton of ableism from people I thought I could trust, and of course self-doubt and depression. But as you can see in today’s entry I’m finally spitting back in their face. I’m way too much of a fighter to give up.

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Working in the creative industry, particularly as a freelancer, comes with its particular challenges and obstacles. Without the regularity and stability of a regular full time job it can be easy to fall into a slump or lose sight of where your going. This design is to remind you that whatever happens, whatever mistakes you make, you can always continue! Like and share if you would like to see ...

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