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my kuzusouda piece for the @sdr2fashionzine, representin’ the rarepairs lol check out the full zine at their twitter page!

80s fashion danganronpa fuyuhiko kuzuryuu kazuichi souda kuzusouda sdr2 super dangan ronpa 2

Kishinuma Yoshiki and Komaeda Nagito colors switch Requested by anon. This is not okay. Don’t normalize this, kids. This is making me sick. This is creeping me out. And slightly turning me on at the same time. Aaaanyway ! These two are my favs. Seriously. I don’t know who you are, anon, but you must know me well. This is my first crossover sprite edit, so I hope people like it ! This is...

aaaah colors swap colors switch corpse party corpse party sprite edit danganronpa danganronpa sprite edit favs kishinuma yoshiki komaeda nagito nagito komaeda sdr2 sprite edits yoshiki kishinuma

Yes. This is why I made the Ghost!Hajime pixel. For this. The Hinagiri tag needed updating…

gambar hajime hinata hinagiri kirinata kyouko kirigiri pixels sdr2

edited the hanachika ur pair and now its komahina!!! when i woke up today this is definitely not what i planned on doing but boy has it been fun

also ik these look like trash but im having fun so its ok danganronpa danganronpa 2 dr dr2 hajime hinata hinata hajime kohina komaeda nagito komahina llsif edit love live edit nagito komaeda sdr2 super danganronpa 2 ur edit