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Ecosystem of the Moorlands. Illustration from my new book The Wondrous Workings of Planet Earth. 🌎It will hit stores this September 18th! And I am SO excited!🌏 Pre-order link in the bio of @planet_earth_book. . . . #sciart #scicomm #planetearthbook #scientificillustration #peatmoss #moorlands

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HAPPY ADA LOVELACE DAY! Time to celebrate the women who conceived of the first computer program and to all the women who are inventing and pushing the boundaries of computer science right now!!!! Who is a programmer or engineer you admire? . . . Illustration from my book Women In Science 🔬📚 #scientificillustration #adalovelaceday #adalovelace #adalovelace2018

adalovelace adalovelace2018 adalovelaceday scientificillustration

The first experiments with snails ; By Schaffer, Jacob Christian, 1718-1790 Fridrich, JG, , Engraver. on Flickr. Publication info Regensburg: [sn], 1768-1769. BHL Collections: Smithsonian Libraries

helicidae illustration naturalhistory scientificillustration snails

Soft Tree Fern (Cyathea smithii), a native plant of #NewZealand, which is called Katote by the Maori. SciArt by Walter Hood Fitch. Joseph Dalton Hooker, The botany of the Antarctic voyage of H.M. discovery ships Erebus and Terror in the Years 1839-1843, Vol. 2, Part 2 (1855) in @biodivlibrary.

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Illustration by Eric Petersen for Quanta Magazine for a story titled “Stem Cells Remember Tissues’ Past Injuries” by Monique Brouillette.

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