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Flora Friday! Hibiscus hybrid from Hibiscus cameronii and Hibiscus fulgens. #SciArt by Sarah Ann Drake. John Lindley, Edwards’s Botanical Register, Vol. 30 (1844). In @biodivlibrary via the Peter H. Raven Library at the @mobotgarden.

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World Pangolin Day! Long-tailed Pangolins (Manis tetradactyla), like other pangolins, have overlapping scales to act as body armor, and they are the only mammals with scales. The scales are made of keratin, which is the same substance that makes up hair and nails of humans. SciArt by Frederick Polydore Nodder. George Shaw, The Naturalist’s Miscellany, Vol. 1 (1789-1813). This work was contr...

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#BHLDailySciArt: Agama (Agama agama), Saharan Horned Viper (Cerastes cerastes), and Scarab Beetles (Scarabaeus sacer). #SciArt by Alfred Weczerzick for Richard Lydekker, Wild Life of the World, Vol. 3 (1916). Contributed for digitization by Smithsonian Libraries (@silibraries) to #BiodiversityHeritageLibrary. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...

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Mammal Monday! North China Sika Deer (Cervus nippon mandarinus). #SciArt by Huet for Henri Milne-Edwards, Recherches sur les Mammifères, Vol. 2 Atlas (1868-74). Contributed for digitization by Smithsonian Libraries (@smithsonianlibraries).

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Soft Tree Fern (Cyathea smithii), a native plant of #NewZealand, which is called Katote by the Maori. SciArt by Walter Hood Fitch. Joseph Dalton Hooker, The botany of the Antarctic voyage of H.M. discovery ships Erebus and Terror in the Years 1839-1843, Vol. 2, Part 2 (1855) in @biodivlibrary.

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#GesnerDay! Happy Birthday, Conrad Gesner! Today is #GesnerDay, which marks the 501st anniversary of Conrad Gesner’s birth. Considered the founder of modern zoology, Gesner completed his five-volume work, Historia Animalium, cataloging the natural history of animals known during the Renaissance. Carol Linnaeus’s groundbreaking work in taxonomy would not come until 200 years later, which mak...

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