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Jubilee church in Rome! From um. A photo. I’m taking an architectural graphics course in order to draw buildings better. Is it working?

architectural illustration architecture jubilee church my art school art

Aw man I forgot to post these guys back when I finished em’ MONSTER MASH PROJECT YEAH, I had to create a menagerie of characters based on subject, color, and style. And it was back when I had TIME to do cool stuff so I animated them cuz why not. TAKE THEM while I die of finals week syndrome. Rip in peace, self.

animation el chupacabra monsters rikuru art school art the hopkinsville goblin the mothman

I drew it at school. I know it’s not perfect, but I wanted to post it.

art bastille chaos planet dan smith school art wwcomms

some concepts for the gay red riding hood project for my class!

idk what to tag these as little red riding hood my art school art