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I think you know what the game is I hope you ve brought all your players Cause this is a war This is a war You think you re God in a place where There is no God to replace us This is a war Losers - This Is A War Two strong person in one battlefield. No turning back. It’s over.

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Erika Larsen, Sami - Walking with Reindeer I see Sámi People living in two worlds. They are of the now. They are of the past. When I am here a week seems like eternity. This place will change me forever. I am a storyteller and this becomes clearer now. site : book

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September 2015 on route from Oslo towards Bergen. © Ásta Harbo / Instagram / Tumblr

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Norway and Sweden with surround areas. 1541.

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F… Finland Central Railway Station, Helsinki, Finland Vintage postcard via Anu There’s no way I could post Finland and not show this. There are hundreds of great photos of the “Kivimiehet” (“Stone Men”) out there (see one here), so decided to pick this old postcard instead. Meanwhile, don’t know if this is true or not, but often called Finland’s most visited building, as the s...

1930s architecture art deco central railway station finland helsingin päärautatieasema-helsingfors centralstation helsinki train station scandinavia station train station transportation