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Black Sapphire!, she is from white diamond court! she doesnt have a cracked eye and she doesn’t have Christine Ebersole as voice actor, she is a normal sapphire, and her gem is on the back

black and white non canon sapphire steven universe white diamond steven universe

Rock crystal, diamond, emerald, sapphire, yellow sapphire, citrine, and gold chessman brooch, Seaman Schepps, c. 1960s (at 1stdibs)

1960s cabochon carved jewel chess citrine diamond emerald fancy sapphire gold knight rock crystal sapphire seaman schepps yellow sapphire

@crystalgemrecruits I really love this ship now. this is rhodolite garnet but they call her Dum Dum (cause she’s so sweet + dumb squared). The bottom right is her first fusion and the top left is her stable fusion. Her third eye is always looking in the wrong direction but that’s ok because she does her very very best and she’s very nice so she deserves a lot of hugs.

dumdum garnet good and pure leggy su oh my god i love this??! i love them??? sapphire steven universe su leaks su unaired wholesome