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So back off, buddy… NaJ! Universe belongs to @blogthegreatrouge NaJ!Horror Sans belongs to their creator! Horror!Sans belongs to @sour-apple-studios Art belongs to me

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Oh yeah, I’m done. I already had time to hate this drawing. xdddd * Squats * Hunter!Sans by @lethalroar

au chemmi hask huntertale huntertale sans lethalroar myart sans undertale

So I saw the most reccent page of Chaser Sans babysitting TK and Goth. And After the part that Chaser headbutts the door, I thought it’d be funny if my wittle AU jumper were to just randomly pop in.Reboot was getting used to her powers and was trying to got to Outertale. And she accidentaly bumps into Chaser and TK. Idk, this just popped into my head when i saw the page. =p Chaser Sans and U...

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My killer “Killer” collection. Gotta love this boi. Medium: Insanely racist-ly named coloured pencils that I really like anyway despite the fact they’re racist. :P Killer: @rahafwabas

aesthetic alternateuniverses aus boi colored coloredpencil killer killer sans killersans myart sans snas undertale undertale sans undertaleaus undertalesans whataboi

This is my new hit au that me and @lava-nerd are making called gundertale. Its the exact same, but everyone has a gun.

asgore badly fanart frisk gundertale jay draws papyrus sans toriel undertale undyne