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ISOLATED COMIC BOOK PANEL #1798 title: SANDMAN #1 - P9:5 artist: JACK KIRBY year: 1974

1974 broken toys comic books comics dc comics dolls and shit isolated comic book panel jack kirby sandman sequence toys

Pocket full of Pocketsand for ashieart Hope you like it beb feel better uvu

;;tssm flint marko moga's art sandman spectacular spider man

Desire of the Endless + Text Posts Happy Valentine’s Day!

dc comics desire edit desire of the endless my edit sandman sandman edit text posts vertigo

I finally cosplayed Desire from the Endless from Sandman comics. I think it turned out pretty ok. I’m planning doing more characters from this series. Btw I have a fanpage Kurde Bele Cosplay and instagram /_kurde_bele

desire desire cosplay endless neil gaiman pyrkon pyrkon 2018 sandman sandman cosplay vertigo

Meh, we haven’t had any Rise of the Guardian art on this page for a while now. Concept art by Joseph C. Moshier

concept art dreamworks dreamworks animation joe moshier joseph c. moshier joseph moshier rise of the guardians rotg sandman sandy