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Sketch, Cochin chickens and Rooster #anys

anys chickens cochin rooster

From Le Journal Amusant, 1893. From giant roosters to rooster costumes to rooster people, here’s my collection of vintage rooster imagery. Context: Weblog | Books | Videos | Music | Etsy

mail delivery rooster vintage illustration

Gentleman as always, letting the ladies have a drink first.

amazing chickens chickens pet chickens rescue chicken rooster snowball sussex

“This is the ‘Ga Ho’ Rooster from Vietnam.” Submitted by hairybone

animals birds chicken chickens ga ho hairybone rooster submission sweet baby jesus look at the feet vietnam

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiits lion!

a very handsome boy chicken rooster

doodled one of my older ocs (from like 2010-ish ) Miranda the chicken she was made back in my ~edgy~ days in high school where everything needed to be obscenely bright and colorful and also full of facial jewelry :’s

*miranda anthro bright chicken colorful my characters rodentbloodart rooster yellow