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I am devastated! After a few months battle with illness, Our Beloved Mister– Colonel Meow has died.. A 21 gun salute to you sir, a 21 gun salute to you!! You are already do missed!

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To all Climbers, I feel deeply saddened over the passing of Dean Potter today. 😢 RIP Dean Potter & Graham Hunt “Our thought are with you.” ▶▶The moment sickens me, and my mind tries to stop it, but I command myself to walk.” – Dean S. Potter◀◀ (Yosemite National Park spokesman says extreme athlete Dean Potter and another man have died in a BASE jumping accident. The spokesma...

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It’s just so much bigger than sports man.

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When we met for the first time, I was already evolved into a doublade, and head of our team. We were a strong team who already had a ghost type, so I didn’t see the need for another, especially such a low level one. You were just jealous ‘cos I stole all the attention Hmph… Our personalities clashed a lot when we were younger. I found him to proud and stubborn, while he found me too ca...

aegislash also i'm turning that last pic into the icon tomorrow because i'm lazy backstory time y'all cha cha chandelure daily pokemon daily-duskstone-duo ddd edgy honedge i hope it formats properly on mobile litwick please appreciate rip springmagic2017 story time this is technically late but yes this is the super long post i was on about