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Inuvember 20 || Sessrin りんの命と引きかえに得るものなど。。。 なにもない!! I told you I had an obsession, and I just find these two adorably irresistible~ Anyway, since I couldn’t finish yesterday, here it is a bit late. I would have loved to participate in all the prompts but I have to pick my battles, plus I already had this sketch since last month. That said...

erinomono i'm trying something new with the coloring inuvember inuvember 2018 inuyasha probably it didn't work lol but  ehh xd rin sesshomaru sessrin

come , let’s dance all night in our naked bodies we know we know your true nature again putting on a fake face , you’re just like a pierrot answering your own questions, which is a lie ? going right and left, which is the truth come on up to the stage! are you trembling with fear and excitement.

gif idola circus idola circus gif kagamine rin neru rin vocaloid vocaloid pv gif イドラのサーカス 友達募集p 穂嶋