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Bas-relief depicting Allāt on a camel. Found in Taif, Saudi Arabia.

ancient arabia arabia arabian mythology pagan pre islamic relief

1/48 scale) Arkwright’s shop: some really fun areas to this piece… the shop front detail is really lovely on the really shop and so to replicate that I’ve used plasticard bar that in places is as thin as 0.5 mm… the glazing I’m using is cut from some clear acrylic sheet I picked up and it really works well to represent glass 👌

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Fragments of marble metopes depicting women in chitons from the Temple of Apollo Epicurius at Bassai in Arcadia Greek, Classical Period, 420-400 B.C. British Museum x x

ancient art ancient greece arcadia arcadian bassae bassai british museum chiton classical period classical world fragment fragments greek marble metope relief sculpture temple of apollo temple of apollo epicurius

Last night in this dusty old hand-me-down bed from my neighbor that sits on the floor. The bed I shared with Ex. The one that I cried when he pissed on it when I wasn’t home. We were already sleeping separately at that point. Him on the couch in order to concentrate the number of pieces of furniture he’d taint with his drunken urine. Spent the night with family. Came home to piss. When I...

big emotions moving on over a bed relief

Cancelleria Reliefs, depicting the emperors Vespasian and Domitian (top) and Nerva (bottom) Roman, Imperial Period marble Vatican Museums

ancient rome art cancelleria reliefs domitian imperial period marble my photo nerva relief roman sculpture vatican museums vespasian