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Whirlpool (Project Mayoniki) Once again, I can’t figure out a background… :/ Another late post, I know. I just got busy last week and needed a bit more time, but I think it turned out! So today we have Azura showing off her signature move, the whirlpool. It’s bit of a double-edged sword as it becomes more powerful as it grows but, of course, involves a lot a spinning. A dizzy Azu c...

anthro anthro fox azura azura fox blue fox fantasy fox fox girl furry furry art movement original original character personal project project mayoniki refraction water water fox

I’ve never done a colored still life before and didn’t realize how involved it would be. It’s good practice. This was of when I was eating a meal at the GSR Italian restaurant at BLFC. May 20 2016

blfc blfc2016 lighting reflection refraction still life