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MANKIND OR "HOMOSAPIENS"? WHICH ONE ARE YOU? The serpent aka the devil is the ruling White/Caucasian/Redneck/European man's master, lord and god, always has been, and not just the White man but all the Gentiles (non Israelites). Oh yeah we're racists now for telling you what's been written for centuries? Since the "church" established by the White man himself (Romans) has been preaching "love ...

against destruction fled from gods have i lies man mankind me nations redeemed spoken the their them they though woman

Hey it’s Clarissa DeRaux, my now happy blackguard.

3.5e blackguard dungeons and dragons redeemed

THERE IS NOTHING THE BLOOD OF JESUS CANNOT HANDLE!! When Jesus cried out “It is finished”.. He gave you complete victory! Walk it out... #authority #power #theblood #Jesus #victory #hope #faith #word #truth #conquer #redeemed #healing #

authority conquer faith healing hope jesus love power redeemed theblood truth victory word