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You may have seen these Redbull Cans in the stores lately. And I hope that when you see them- you buy them. Because you’re doing so much more than merely purchasing them- you’re supporting local artists, you’re supporting hardworking, generation changing artists. The lady on them, that’s Al. She makes and preforms music under the name Alison Wonderland. When I was 19 she noticed my p...

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Ecco QUI l’URL per accedere al sito dove troverete una video intervista a Fabri Fibra e Hit-Boy,Hazebanga e Rey Reel: Pronti per Squallor?

2015 fabri fibra hazebanga hit-boy interview intervista redbull rey reel squallor

Update to my Zoosona. In my natural habitat. RedBull in paw, keyboards at the ready. Pondering serious plot points and possible murder. ;) Art by TheWyvernsWeaver

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