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*Oscar Akermo Wallström Tattoo - NYC* CONCEPT : “Saviour”

black and grey blackwork chestpiece concept art figure drawing ink new york new york city nyc oscar akermo realism tattoo art

Regina Larre @rex_ttt - Berkeley California USA CONCEPT : “Just a lil bee for Lonna, cause sometimes color is fun too… 🐝”

bees california california tattoo fine line fine line tattoos qttr realism rex ttt scientific illustration

Charles Wheeler, And So the Story Ends, c. 1927

art art history charles wheeler figure study modern painting realism

Guys, never associate your hobby with someone! I mean, when you are doing what you love, think only about what you are doing and how it makes you feel but not about some person from your life. Even if this person means a lot to you, even if they inspire you. Don’t let someone prevent you from doing what you love! I don’t know if that makes any sense, and maybe I’m the only ...

art artist braids draw drawing drawings fan art fanart hobby hypperrealism inspiration inspire motivation pencil drawing photorealism portrait realism realistic rihanna