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I tried realism and failed GOD WHY CAN’T I DO PROPORTIONS RIGHT

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On October 29th, the revolutionary art historian Linda Nochlin passed away at the age of 86. Many art history students will know her from her elucidating covering Realism, Orientalism, or women in art. Many of her works, including “Why Have There Been No Great Female Artists?” have had a profound impact on my own studies, and reading her essays often lead me to question standards and assump...

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Drawings by Ozabu Ozabu is a self-taught Japanese artist who works largely in pencil. Her graphite drawings are highly rendered with subtle line work leaving a weightless ghost on the paper. I’ve always pulled inspiration from the things that I’ve felt and my experience with a bit of Japanese extract. Follow us on Facebook! WARNING - awesomeness inside. posted by tu recepcja via

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