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President Ronald Reagan tries to “stay the course” during the annual pardoning of a turkey on Thanksgiving, 1987. Want to see how other Americans have celebrated Thanksgiving? Check out historic Thanksgiving images from the collection in today’s post on the DPLA blog! Source image from the National Archives.

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Ronald and Nancy Reagan standing among the Terra Cotta soldiers in Xi'an, China, April 29th, 1984.

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T: Hello? Dr. F: Mr. Reagan? This is Dr. Flores? From Bridgeport hospital? T: Yes, I remember you. Is there something wrong with my insurance or something? Dr. F: No, it’s not that. It’s .. well, you might think I’m crazy for asking … but you don’t happen to know a ..Danielle?

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R: Hey babe, you have the day off, right? T: Yep. You wanna do something? R: I was thinking we could take a trip down to the butterfly house? T: Sounds like a plan.

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Dr. F: Looking back at her medical records, it appears she has a rare clotting condition. The increase in hormones during pregnancy sometimes agrevates this condition. In rare cases, it can lead to a blood clot in an important artery. In your wife’s case, her pulmonary artery. Her lungs. T: Is she… dead? Dr. F: .. not yet. But she lost too much vital tissue. We took her off the machines,...

jason flores midnight sun challenge reagan rgen2 simblr sims 3 tobias reagan ts3