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I started crying in front of this bench People and ducks both came by to look in moderate concern, but I indicated I was fine. I felt like the bench should elicit a much greater feeling of wrongness than an individual person crying next to it. I do now wonder if the Nora of that bench is of any relation to Nick Bostrom of Super Intelligence. And I wonder what Nick would think of my attempts t...

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Experimental Film Demo [University Project] A short video that my group and I put together for our experimental film pitch. Highlighting the different themes that we hoped to portray in our final film. Make sure you also check that out if you haven’t already! (I shared a post with it not long ago)

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some fool: interspecies relationships always end in tragedy for elves, our life expectancy is so different from a human’s there’s no point in something that will end in heartbreak lup: yeah no barry and i have that on lock, we’re good

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