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Yeah, I kinda got bored. So I though I’d show you guys my love for Star Wars♥

3p0 anakin darth vader han solo luke skywalker obi wan princess leia qui-gon jinn r2d2 sith lord star wars the evil emperor \ yoda

Help Me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re My Only Hope.

beegraphics luke skywalker lukeskywalkeredit r2d2 star wars swedit swgifs

Isn’t that the Droid we’re looking for?

droid exotic dancer r2d2 rebel forces star wars

3P0 and R2 go for a joyride… suddenly, 3P0 realizes he might have left the garage door open. #starwars #lego #r2d2 #c3p0 #r2 #3p0 #legostarwars #joyride

3p0 c3p0 joyride lego legostarwars r2 r2d2 starwars

Learning After Effects This is my first animation done with legit software. :)

anh r2d2 star wars swanh tatooine
A slight variation on the famous

*A slight variation on the famous "leg lamp" from A Christmas Story:* #r2d2  #c3po  #starwarstheforceawakens  #starwarspics