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ok so is no one talking about how this photo from warby parker’s new low-bridge fit campaign is like potentially an amazing QWOC romance story/badass couple??? like that’s what it looks like?? because if not can we please acknowledge how awesome this photo is through that lens? #queeringmedia you guys

aesthetic badass couple black asian romance lovely low-bridge fit minimalist poc-poc romance queering queers qwoc couple reinterpreting warby parker

did someone say WITCHCRAFT DATING SIM????? because i did i while ago and y’all loved that idea. so here’s the Fauna Witch, Harry, and her rat friend Matcha, and the finch, Vivaldi. and the Sigil Specialist, Spencer and her best friend the Dark Witch, Jin-Ho.

aesthetic all inclusive art best friends character design characters comics cuties dating sim drawing fashion gargoylepasturesart gays k fashion lgbtqa+ love love is love lovers magic modern witchcraft mogai oc queers selfies sketches urban witches video games witchcraft witchcraft dating sim witches

Will you look at that! How absurdly coincidental of you, Mark Gatiss! ;D This is just one of the many gems he gives us in BBC Four Queers. There’s just so much to talk about! And these monologues are wonderful and so moving. Do yourself a favour and watch this series starting with episode one. @toxicsemicolon Amy, did you see this???

bbc four mark gatiss queers sherlock thanks for the hint mark! theatre of the absurd

Throwback to 2017 when Mark Gatiss allowed the @JackTheLadMag camera’s behind the scenes during rehearsals for the West End revival of The Boys In The Band & the filming of Queers. You can see the pics & read our in-depth 2 part interview in backissues 10 & 11. See bio for links.

jack the lad mark gatiss queers the boys in the band