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Graduation pics part uno!!! It’s been a wild ride UCR, you’ve been the most pleasant surprise of my life. Thanks to all those who helped me get here #ucrgrad15 (at University of California, Riverside)

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[Image description - Image of the bi pride flag with the text: ENTHUSIASTIC BIROMANTIC. End description.]

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Very honored to be named one of Glamour Magazine’s College Women of the Year and to be the first trans woman ever on the list! Thanks to everyone who made this happen! Another fun fact: I look so uncomfortable because it’s 15 degrees out with windchill while I’m wearing nothing but a light jacket. 😂 You can read the article and see the other winners here.

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The Pride Adventures #5 (2018) // Queer Comix Story: Joe Glass, Sina Grace, Art: Elizabeth Beals, Jon Cairns, Cem Iroz, Jon Scrivens, Rhys Wootton Get the comics here [Follow SuperheroesInColor faceb / instag / twitter / tumblr / pinterest]

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