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Day 998: feeling gay lately, lads

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Watch 8 of our films on C4′s online platform 4All. This project has been 1.5 years in the making, as part of 25 shorts films about trans people overcoming obstacles and sharing their journeys, from all over the UK. We were asked to create these films by All About Trans. Created by Fox Fisher & Lewis Hancox. Produced by Alana Avery (of All About Trans). Thanks a million to everyone who has tak...

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My Awkward Gay Experience with Paul

My Awkward Gay Experience with Paul

As part of my ongoing LGBT ministry series, today's episode explores what Paul meant with the term arsenokoitai portrayed in 1 Corinthians and 1 Timothy. Presenter has two degrees in religious studies and is a religious studies educator of 15 years. #gay #lgbt #lgbtq #homosexual #queer #queer theology

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Sometimes I need a moment to remember who I am. I often do not feel myself. I am just waiting for myself to accept me. It’s not that easy to fall in love with me at first sight.

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today we remember, celebrate and speak the name of octavia st. laurent. born on march 16, 1964, octavia would go on to become one of the most ICONIC ballroom figures in the history. octavia st. laurent, after slaying runways in the ballroom scene for years, became the breakout star in the 1990 documentary film, “paris is burning.” watching her dream & speak her dreams unapologetically insp...

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showing up as an ally includes willing to be held accountable when we misstep and misspeak. we are all on our journey of learning and relearning how to shape a world that honors and affirms everyone in our community. so here are a few gentle reminders.

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