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Hello from #London #TeamClarkson fans and fellow #GearKnobs anticipators! If you feel like having a ...

Hello from #London #TeamClarkson fans and fellow #GearKnobs anticipators! If you feel like having a #laugh at #Jezza 's expense (although he #gave as good as he got), do watch the #HaveIGotNewsForYou tonight. Of course there was never #escaping the famous #steakgate #fracas and the #alleged #face #punch upon one #OisinTymon (I was told by close birdies that there never was a punch largely becau...

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Work in Progress Final design work complete for ‘Body Blow 001’. Now to begin the process of transferring the line work to canvas for painting.

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Boxer-Chan working the bag. Boxer-Chan feels most comfortable as an out-boxer, but due to her reach and height, she has adapted to concentrating on counter punching at range and maneuvering into tight in-boxing to crowd her opponents movement and take advantage of her savage close-range power.

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A Brachydios has just struck down a Rhenoplos and intends to eat it when a pesky Bnahabra buzzes in attracted by the scent of dead meat. Poor little fool doesn’t realize you don’t mess with a hungry Brachydios… One of my more serious attempts to draw a Brachydios. That body shape and proportions make him frustrating to pin down. But he is one of my best friends fave so I had to try. Thi...

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#"Sarah #Palin 's son #arrested after ' #punching his girlfriend in the eye and #kicked her in the knee'"-Issue 63

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