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This is a little doodle I did yesterday and….I think it looks really awesome ( ´ ▽ ` ) Idk she just has this look about her that makes her look really cool and epic and and and it just makes me very happy :3 The colours were done with @winsorandnewtonau promarkers, and the lines with a hitechc gell pen :) I hope you honeys like her too~ ♡ ♡ ♡ #promarkers #winsorandnewton #anime...

animegirls doodle hitechc illustration lineart promarkers winsorandnewton

It’s something different, I was blocked and I wanted to draw something and tried to do it a little bit more realistic, and I loved it!😻💕 I don’t know how to use tank supports, and I don’t like it at all but I’m in love with Leona. 💟🌞 I want to learn play it with her, also I got a skin for her in hextech’s boxes. 🌞🌞 But it’s been a long time that I dont play League,...

cute diana game illustration kawaii league of legends leona leona league of legends leona lol lol mount targon my art mystar21 original pantheon promarkers riot games summoners rift support the moon the radiant dawn the sun winsor and newton レオナ

Experiment that looks a lot better irl haha brush pen, promarkers, screentones

brush pen inking drawing promarkers screentoning

After playing Digimon World: Next Order, I was sooo in mood to draw digimon fanart again. And this one is my first drawing after long time. I even remebered how much I loved this series. If you like what you see, check out my blog for other drawings. Maybe you’ll find something that you like. :)

art colored pencil copic copic markers digimon digimon adventure digimon season 1 digital monsters drawing fanart gabumon illustration markers mixedmedia promarkers punimon traditional traditional art traditional drawing tsunomon