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AWWWWWWW YES I left school early to get me some ProMarkers!!~ It’s incredibly rare to find these from… anywhere here where I live. So when I saw them at a local store’s website I WAS OFF! XD Hopefully these things will improve my artwork!~ :D First I gotta test ‘em on something tho!

art awwww yes promarkers thejegsu traditional art yisss

a pair of beautiful lesbians. i grieve my lack of proper scanner because my coloured draws don’t look as good as they should when i take scans with phone, but i still want to share this art with you people.~

lv17 my art original art promarkers

Some super fun fan art I did for @stickpop of Lemon 🍋 & @tinyswitch of April. I used a mix of Copic markers, Uni Posca’s and Promarkers (cool grey set) for these!

april copic dividraws fanart lemon loliswitch lovewin popcore promarkers stickpop traditional art uniposca

365 day drawing challenge day 304 One punch man Smile Man Inspired by one of Yusuke murata art! and have a spooky halloween! 🤡 Inktober day 31

365 365 day challenge 365project anime art art work day 304 drawing fan art hero hero association ink inktober inktober 31 manga markers one one punch man opm promarkers smile man surly brothers traditional art yusuke murata