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Here’s a proof of my new linocut print. Skull of the critically endangered Canis lupus baileyi (Mexican wolf) with healing Arnica chamissonis. You can check out more work at my store HERE. -Entangled Roots Press

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Stamps Study Abroad with Annie Turpin The first image was taken by Annie while walking down the street on a sunny morning after a long night of rain. She says that London weather has not met her expectations due to its bad reputation and that the skies are almost always beautiful. The second image is from Annie’s weekend trip to Berlin. She was fascinated with the German “color story.” ...

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Emma Amos (American, born 1938). Preparing for a Face Lift, 1981. Etching and crayon, 8 ¼ x 7 ¾ in.

emma amos etching printmaking

“Cosmic Creature” edition of 25 Print for 20:20 print exchange Had a few problems with this one, orange stencil broke down really quickly and the red stencil positive(which i only did because the orange went weird) printed out larger than it should of done.. I was running out of time so I went ahead anyway but i’m happy with the results of my mistakes/accidents.

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Please look at my new child I love him very much (Took a class on engraving and did this drypoint while I was waiting for the coat on my other plate to dry. Naturally I had to etch an Archaeopteryx.)

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