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New Cyanotype, my grandma’s childhood home after moving to Australia from America.

art cyanotype photography photomedia printmaking

A lookback for TOKUTEMBER. Space Ironmen Kyodyne, SKYZEL and GRANZEL silkscreen prints.

granzel iron man japan printmaking screenprint silkscreen skyzel toku tokusatsu tokutember

New Monoprints by Kate Petley Kate Petley’s new monoprints will be released very soon. This group of prints was created during Petley’s visit to Manneken Press in May 2016. Enjoy this teaser while we continue documenting and preparing the work to put on the website.

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Tasseography is the divination or art of telling fortunes by interpreting the symbols in tea leaves and coffee grounds. This piece is inspired by this art that has been handed down through the Armenian women of my family. The illustration shows the coffee plant growing out of the sleeves of the hands holding the cup with a top border of oriental poppies. You can get one HERE Entangled Roots ...

armenian coffee community entangled roots entangled roots press eternity evil eye feminism flowers foresee fortune telling hye justice poppies printmaking queer radical printmaking screen print tasseography tradition witchcraft

“being interested in abstraction” is a new thing for me. all art is “an abstraction” on some level I guess, so maybe what’s new for me is an interest in “very abstracted” images. I made a lot of these this year. they’re done by repeatedly pulling ink through an open silkscreen and letting the leftover ink dry a little in between pulls, leaving you with these weird crackly subtr...

abstract art monoprint printmaking rorschach test silkscreen