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“ Who also watched was "10 songs marathon of captivating” If it is (laughs) standing! Turns sing non-stop because I wanted to convey even a little the sense of reality even better for those who have not come to the Tenifesu (σ ≧ ▽ ≦) σ We’ll see you at the festival Jean Come! is from 10:00 on the 22nd! “

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30 Days Anime Challenge: Day 2. Favorite Anime You’ve Watched So Far Prince of Tennis

30daysanimechallenge prince of tennis tennis no oujisama

Musical Tennis no Oujisama 3rd Season Seigaku vs Hyoutei - Dan Taichi (Sano Mashiro) [Additional Photoset] Photoset scanned by @tenimyuintranslation.

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