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“The touch of the Entity leaves burning scars and blisters of light. Is it a gift or a curse?“

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DS X E-Tense ____ Arthur and Puff are everywhere … Facebook | Stampsy | Tumblr | Soundcloud | Pinterest | Instagram

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marvel is cowards and won’t let rachel hang out with her little brother nate. i have to do everything around here! bonus mini cable being left out of big sister bear hugs: twitter | commission info | kofi

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Nina Dobrev for Prestige Hong Kong Ph: Lionel Deluy 2017

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Rachel getting hugs from he parents and Logan. Just her parents. Man. The only good thing that came out of that horrible issue of Gold was giving me excuses to give Rachel more love in my edits. So necessary.

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PRESTIGE Oliver Cheshire by Mike Ruiz with styling from Kristine Kilty x Prestige Hong Kong FW´17 Grooming by Evan Huang

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