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i wanted to show you all my awesome presents i got for christmas/my birthday :D (I’m actually a great KoRn fan, it just doesnt show as much right now because I’m inspired by other things currently) Also, marvel at the cuteness of my goasts please

christmas feldraws goast korn present

I worked on this little hand study for kinda 2 weeks (I could have finished it in 6-8 hours, but I wasn’t really happy with it!? So I started from scratch kinda a thousand times, till I could live with it). so yeah.. I finished it at a hospital and there was this old beardy metal rocker guy with a stroke (he is actually a pretty funny person) with whom I had to share a room and well, he just ...

art artist black and white bw christmas drawing drawing study gift hand hand study hands ho ho ho mine my art my stuff not purfect original original artwork present realism shading

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @nainty-drak! I know, it was yesterday but you know I always post very late TuT)!!! SO HAVE THIS CUTE MASSIS PICTURE AS A PRESENT. WITH AN ORANGE JELLY. ORANGES YEEEEE–

cassis sans happy birthday masbub sans massis present