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Look who I found posing for Cadillac. What elegance, @meyechael.

meyechael polar bear posing like a boss

HDM fan month ; week four ; favourite book of the trilogy “… she would not do him the treachery of looking away, for if he looked at her he must see her shining eyes and their love and belief, not a face hidden in cowardice or a shoulder fearfully turned away” 23.10.2016

animals armoured bear bears but never mind- i can fix that later daemon art hdmfanmonth hdmfanweek4 his dark materials i chose that quote but didn't check lyra's eyeline properly so it looks like she is looking away iofur raknison iorek byrnison lyra silvertongue northern lights oops people polar bear æ

Quick comic I did of @yogurtart s characters pietro and Cedric (You heave to read it from right to left also I’m sorry I got a little sloppy in some parts)

bara kemono bear chubby furry comic coyote furry my art polar bear

(by richard.mcmanus)

animals polar bear t3p