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Sorry For Being Me
(hope you like this poem enough)

I woke up
on the
wrong side
of the bed

*Sorry For Being Me* (hope you like this poem enough) I woke up on the wrong side of the bed wait... i didn't sleep at all maybe that's why I got easily pissed now I'm ashamed of myself that I let it get to me and this I realised when I went to drop my kid to school on the way back all I cared wanted was to ram my bike(motorbike) into the pillars of the under construction metro rail I didn't c...

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Storms In My Heart (an old one)

There are restless oceans
in this heart of mine,
there are storms inside...

*Storms In My Heart* (an old one) *There are restless oceans* *in this heart of mine,* *there are storms inside* *and places devoid of sunshine.* *Somedays I set out to discover* *what's laying in those depths,* *but it gets too overwhelming,* *I'm forced to come up to the surface to take a breath.* *These depths are terrifying* *for there has darkness creeped,* *it feels like the sombernes...

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