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Kafalarınızı kumdan çıkarıp , Namlularınıza karanfil sokun. Tek ayağıyla sek sek oynayan Asyalı çocuğun kırmayın umudunu Özge DİRİK Görsel : Unknown Artist

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少女がガラスの世界に住んでいた でも彼女は人間製だった 触れるもの全てを壊しがちで 不器用すぎてみんな壊した

by hiyori photo poem 写真を撮ってる人と繋がりたい

“I’ve come to realize nothing is still. Everything is constantly circulating around the microscopic possibilities of infinite failures.” -zoë perez, nothing is still

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Sadako - More Than TV Pixels: “Sadako - the one who challenged math, dividing one by two, which in the end were only one all this time. Sadako - the one who disengaged and decided to be a twin. The mother lost her head and her father did not even speak. Sadako - those who were opposed at all, but who are still complete as a whole. Sadako hated humanity and could only eradicate it with his t...

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