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Did you remember of Peggy Sue ? An old novel for young and teenage published in 2003 ? The only girl who can see Gohsts who rules the world ?! She always on adventure with her friend Blue dog who can speak and make some telepathy’s stuff ?! Well if you do, here it’s my version of her, and if you don’t…well, it’s just a random girl who is running with her random blue dog, normal ! I ...

2003 adventure blue dogs character design colored illustration colorindolivrostop digital painting dog fan art fanart illustration island landscape novel peggy sue peggy sue and gohsts personnal stuff personnal work photoshop reunion island run running yeaah


92 tykkäystä, 9 kommenttia - Ashley Nozomi (@ashley_nozomi) Instagramissa: ” #notcrocs . . . . #art #illustration #illustrator #wip #photoshop #artist #artdaily…”

art artdaily…” artist illustration illustrator notcrocs photoshop wip

“Retouch,” Peter DeVito, 20, a photographer from New York, used to heavily Photoshop his own pictures but has since stopped to create a powerful movement online. Artist: Peter DeVito

bodies peter devito photoshop

✌RAINBOW HEADER✌ Credits to @likeacastaway on twitter Like if you save / Reblog if you use

header photoshop rainbow rainbow header random random header

A merged composite of Benny Andersson at his home studio RMV Studio (2012) and ABBA at Polar Studio (1979) inspired by a recent photo of ABBA at the RMV Studio. Photoshop by @fridalution

1979 2012 abba agnetha fältskog anni frid lyngstad anni-frid lyngstad benny andersson björn ulvaeus composite frida frida lyngstad photoshop

Seltalksrp's 1st PSD. Okay, so I decided to try my hand in making PSDs. I think this one actually turned out like super pretty? Idk. I don’t really know how to make these things but it works for either gifs or pictures. Please like or reblog if you found this to be helpful. Download

mine photoshop psd rpt zoe sugg zoe sugg gif