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We Have the Great Discontent / Available at / For over 3 decades, #JohnShahidi has been dispensing an eclectic mix of #printedmatter from his unassuming storefront in West #Philadelphia. Stocking publications of every topic and persuasion, Avril 50 is an unexpected delight to those who happen upon it, and for others it’s a regular destination to find the printed matter they ...

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Hospital in Philadelphia, PA, USA

Hospital in Philadelphia, PA, USA

Modeled with Building Maker. Completely my modeling, no other contributors. This is a detailed Philidalphea hospital. #awesome #big #detailed #excellent #expert #google #hospital #PA #philadelphia #sketch_up #US #USA #warehouse

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InksterInc has a whole mess of Miyazaki inspired shirts and hoodies! Princess Mononoke - Shirt , Hoodie , Tank , Female Tank Howl’s Moving Castle - Shirt , Hoodie , Tank , Female Tank Spirited Away - Shirt , Hoodie , Tank , Female Tank Totoro - Shirt , Hoodie , Tank , Female Tank Panyo - Shirt , Hoodie , Tank , Female Tank Just to name a few! Website Etsy Our shirts are made from hi...

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The subject of this grand mythological painting remains a topic of lively debate. Is this the birth of Venus, her triumphal parade, or the sea god Neptune’s marine procession? Is this even a depiction of Venus? The woman in the center could be Galatea, a sea nymph who is often shown riding in a cockleshell chariot drawn by dolphins. Nicolas Poussin was known for introducing multiple meanings ...

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